Emma Reviews: Sia @ Sydney’s Botanic Gardens

If you’ve looked around a gig recently and lamented the tired, pretentious douchebaggery versus showy over-dancing dichotomy, a sunshiney Sia performance is just what you need.

Despite the rain, Sia and her rainbow knitted microphone stand covers created an atmosphere of absolute carefree positivity and unselfconscious celebration at Sydney’s Botanic Gardens, overlooking the Opera House. Although her recorded albums are soulful and stunningly beautiful, the only real way to experience Sia is to see her live – her personality shone between tracks, when she offered the enamored crowd the opportunity to heckle and ask questions, and repeatedly laughed at herself for forgetting lyrics – absolutely the most fun way to build rapport between audience and artist.

In her draped black jacket, Sia danced her way through “Buttons” and “Clap Your Hands”, as did much of the audience, who also sang (yelled) along for most of the performance and made the most of being at a show which truly felt inclusive. A rendition of Madonna’s “Oh Father” established a more sombre mood, and I found myself tearing up a little thanks to the magical closing track “Breathe Me”. Despite the short and sweet set, it only proved why Sia was so deserving of the astonishing seven ARIA award nominations but between you and me, she should have won them all.

You can download this live set exclusively via iTunes Live here. There are also a few more photos here.


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