Album Review: Everything in Between

No Age have turned a big corner with Everything in Between – the follow-up to their killer 2008 release, Nouns. The L.A. duo have established a new atmosphere and it’s bigger, unexpected and all sorts of amazing.

No Age
Everything in Between
Label: Subpop
Release Date: September 28

The opening two tracks are grand, euphoric and cinematic, the latter of which I’d never thought would be an attribute to the No Age sound. But don’t think for a second that No Age have loss their skater–punk roots because from “Fever Dreaming” the record increases with pace and volume in familiar territories. The opening riff in “Depletion” is eerie while “Common Heat” is closest thing to an acoustic sound by No Age’s standards. “Skinned” and “Katerpillar” are ambient and cinematic, and “Dusted” follows suit – one of the many standout tracks on Everything in Between.

Although ambitious, Everything in Between is cleverly articulated, even with the new explorations of Dean Spunt and Randy Randall who have seamlessly integrated this with their d.i.y., skater-punk aesthetic grounding the record. Even if No Age had no intentions to conquer something with Everything in Between, by the time “Chem Trails” ends you know No Age have just blown your mind. This is music for a new decade.

[MP3] No Age – Glitter


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