Album Review: Machine Dreams

There is not much I know about Little Dragon other than the fact they will soon be supporting the Gorillaz on their Australian tour and that they are from Sweden – there are two things I like from Sweden: music and clothes. Provided the Gorillaz association was ignored, I would’ve warmed to Little Dragon’s Machine Dreams from the get go.

Little Dragon
Machine Dreams
Label: Virgin/EMI Records.
Release Date: November 26

Little Dragon is a Swedish electronic quartet, in a similar vein to countrymen The Knife but with more pop and fronted by Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano. Machine Dreams is the follow-up to their self-titled debut and if this record is anything to go buy, you would probably want to dig up that debut of theirs.

Machine Dreams opens with “A New”, which is a stark and eerie introduction to the record and ultimately the band for those unfamiliar with Little Dragons. From here on, the record gathers a steady stride with abstract pop dance tracks including “Looking Glass”, “My Step” until it hits a peak with “Runabout” – this track has most lovable dance track of the year written all over it. Nagano’s sultry vocals features in the smooth tracks “Thunder Love” and “Fortune” while her vocals compete with the complex melodies in “Blinking Pigs” and “Swimming”. Machine Dreams is a record full of surprises and utterly fun.

[MP3] Little Dragon – Runabout

1 comment
  1. Pix said:

    I’ve listened to the album through twice and it totally just washed over me. I liked the vocal but I found a lot of the songs to be very down the middle and didn’t really go anywhere.

    Might have to revisit the tracks to pointed out!

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