Class of 2010: Top Ten Albums for 2010

You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging into the new year without sharing my favorite records of this year, did you? That’s not me to do such a thing so without further adieu the records I’ve played and loved to death.

10. KissesThe Heart Of The Nightlife

// Pod / Inertia

Hands down this record wins the most infectious record award of this year. Even without the help from Hot Chip or The Whitest Boy Alive, I’m sure Kisses would be fine producing Don’t say I won’t catch you dancing to “Kisses” this silly season.

[MP3] Kisses – Kisses

9. Beach FossilsBeach Fossils

// Popfrenzy

Beach Fossils is perhaps the best precedent of lo-fi pop this year. Simple looped guitar riffs drenched in reverb coupled with naïve and playful lyrics results in dreamy, nostalgic mind trips. Some people may say this is too melodically repetitive but I like consistency. It makes the sunny atmosphere last that bit longer y’know?

[MP3] Beach Fossils – Daydream

8. Teengirl Fantasy7AM

// Merok/True Panther

Teengirl Fantasy’s 7AM is an explosion of tropical, lo-fi sound coming at you left, right and centre with soothing vocals, upbeat tempos and looped samples mixed with cosmic undertones. It’s the perfect late-night record for assorted antics; best played every time other than 7 in the morning.

[MP3] Teengirl Fantasy – Cheaters

7. Baths – Cerulean

// Anticon

The most underrated album of this year. Cerulean is honest and sweet electronic tunes perfect for lie downs, leisurely bike rides, visits to the beach and short road trips. This is a bright and refreshing sound from the self-thought musician from L.A.

[MP3] Baths – Hall

6. DrakeThank Me Later

// Cash Money Records

Oh no you di’n’t Ro. You did not just put Canadian rapper Drake in your top ten!? Featuring classic R&B samples and collaborations with the best of hip-hop, Thank Me Later is the album I never thought I’d enjoy post-adolescence. Believe it bitches but this shit is staying.

[MP3] Drake – Find Your Love

5. SiaWe Are Born

// Monkey Puzzle/Inertia

Despite the accolades and outside of this release Sia really is the true package – honest, fun (and funny), honest and real. Oh I forgot to mention she’s a pretty talented singer-songwriter too and We Are Born has reached new heights and fans. You can’t help but adore this lady and this shiny, fun record. I’m getting a little soft aren’t I?

[MP3] Sia – You’ve Changed

4. Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday

// Sub Pop

With sweet melodies and epic guitar hooks, this self-titled had me singing and jamming in no time. Influenced by a history of pop and rock, Happy Birthday’s album is without a doubt one of the classic releases of 2010. Ridiculous over-the-time swoon times to be had.

[MP3] Happy Birthday – Girls FM

3. SejaWe Have Secrets But Nobody Cares

// Rice Is Nice

Analogue synths plus sweet pop melodies equlas one pretty great record so big ups to Seja and her crafty skills for this gem of an album that I loved all year. Seriously though, I cannot find another local release this year that has been more memorable than this because if I remembered it, chances are it’d be here.

[MP3] Seja – I’ll Get to You

2. Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiBefore Today

// 4AD/Remote Control

Finally, a mastered LP from the quirky genius that is Ariel Pink and it has never sounded so so good. What more can I say? It’s faultless. Before Today is a true gem.

[MP3] Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffitti – Round and Round

1. Glasser Ring

// True Panther/Remote Control

I knew that Cameron Mesirow – the lady behind Glasser – was all sorts of magic but to this astonishing degree as present in Ring and I’m floored. Ring is intricate, organic, minimal and truly a stunning listen. I bet you would never expect this record here but the sounds in this record crept up on me with absolute beauty.

[MP3] Glasser – Mirrorage

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season and cannot wait for the new year – this summer’s upcoming line of tours looks very promising and it’s about time too.


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