Live Review: Toro Y Moi @ GoodGod Small Club

There is something oddly calming about heading to a small, dark basement seemingly unchanged from the 80s with no visible fire exits. Together with a sold-out crowd, this mix probably should’ve made the architect in me a little bit concerned. Heading into Goodgod Small Club last Tuesday night to see Toro Y Moi was probably one of the best things I’ve done this year – this show was close to perfect.

Under the pseudonym of Toro Y Moi, Chaz Bundick is a man that plays with effortless cool. He radiates calm and joy in both personality and music – you can’t help but feel relaxed even with the million things running through your head for work the next day. Albeit a little shy Toro Y Moi, is backed with a trio of equally modest and quiet musicians, and together are very collected. They are incredibly tight with all eyes squarely focused on Bundick.

The chilled out vibe continued into the night as the beer tracks flowed. The setlist concentrated on Toro Y Moi’s latest release Underneath the Pine with the occasional track from Causers Of This but there was an overwhelming sense of anticipation to hear more of the latter record and when a shorter version of “Talamak” was dropped, there wasn’t a still body in the house. “Still Sound” and “New Beat” were full of vintage soul and “Low Shoulder” was ridiculously fun.

Regardless of how practical a performance, there were numerous edits and seamless transitions you probably wouldn’t get just by listening to a Toro Y Moi record in the same way that dancing by yourself in your own room just isn’t the same. Everyone at Goodgod was simply digging it. There were no dumb hipster crowds or obnoxious drunks to avoid. Toro Y Moi brought the chilled vibes and tunes; we filled the dance floor and brought the moves. The atmosphere wasn’t electric but it was calm, heaps of fun and exactly what I needed.


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