Those Walls, Your Ears started as one of Roanna Manlutac’s projects concerning the contemporary music culture in Sydney and abroad. Established in the summer of 2006, TW,YE is the beta version of These Walls Have Ears but due to competitive domain control could not obtain an official url address thus the birth of TW, YE. After two years of single-handed operation, site development and growth was needed so here are some introductions.

We are:

Ro spends most of her time studying architecture, if not hanging out on rooftops or parks drinking, um, tea? In between being a net nerd and gluing her fingers together, she is found in the kitchen baking and/or drinking. Occasionally, she takes photographs and continuously signs up for (sometimes) superfluous web applications elsewhere like here or here. It is best you just email her for convenience, you know. Otherwise, she hates writing about herself, so thankfully a dear friend already has here – thanks Annette!

Bella is a nineteen year old dork but her fondness for cats, horrible knitted jumpers and floral blouses often make her seem an elderly woman well into senility. Can often be seen at gigs clicking her fingers a beat out of time with the music and asking you to fill her wine glass up… just a little more, bit more dear, there you go. Despite the fact that she thinks she looks like your nanna, Bella enjoys live music more than darning socks and spends most of her hard earned cash going to gigs. She is not prejudiced against any particular genre of music, her only condition is that it is LOUD… because she’s a little deaf in the left ear. If you want to talk closer to her ear, you can do so here.

Zohara, not ‘Sahara’..not like the desert and it’s not ‘Zara’ either. Zohara is a girl who just finished a science degree but is smitten with music (mainly independent local music she says) but also doesn’t mind caressing magnificent sounds from other shores. She has an appreciation for art: art galleries, street art, verbal art, textual art…and wishes to unlock my creative side one day through either art-orientated medium. Zohara believes that life would not be worth living without the beauty of the natural world, afternoon tea parties, weekly gigs and dorky hangouts with my favourite people in whole world.

The photo pages to the left side are categorised under yy/mm/dd.

  1. Karen said:

    Can I just say, your header up there is fabulous. I’m presuming it’s all the photos you’ve taken at various gigs, but the colour in it is great. So pretty! 🙂

  2. RO said:

    Thanks Karen! It’s only a sample of what i took last year. Expect to see more photos from last year’s gigs (and this year’s) on here soon.

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