In 5 Days:

  • I’ve witnessed 3 sunrises and 4 sunsets.
  • Had a total 30 hours of sleep with 3 two hour siestas.
  • Spent $30 for printing. $20 on glue. $21 on coffee.
  • Ate 5 Lunches, 5 Breakfasts, 3 Dinners and probably not enough in between.
  • My fingers – intact.
  • My Mouth – dry, very dry.

And all for one design submission. Below is a part of mine, on this site with this view.

We always end up in this situation – a design deadline where time is clearly not on our side. I don’t know why we do this to ourselves and it can’t all be blamed on our procrastination habits. Even the most organised person would feel the pinch of tomorrow’s, *cough* today’s, submission. Of course design is a never-ending process, but this, has seriously got to do more harm than smoking. The bed is so inviting right about now, but I must resist. I am alright. I can stand up straight.


The first time I saw Rand & Holland, I couldn’t help but notice the man on keys as if I had seen him before. And sure enough it was Ned Collette helping out Rand & Holland on keys. I must’ve been the only one in the room to recognise him. So in a way, any release from Collette is always a welcomed one.

[To] “the Country with a Smile” is Ned Collette’s newest single and with the trip up to Walcha, this track couldn’t be more apt. A lack of technology is at times a really wonderful thing. You notice people, their feelings and their thoughts in a manner which seems rather devoid of in the city – even the man holding the “Free Hugs” sign is constantly brushed off in the city. Observing people and their behaviors towards other people and spaces frustrates me at times. Hopefully this track will do the opposite.

[MP3] Ned Collette – The Country with a Smile

His latest album, Future Suture, will be out in September.

Today has been another crazy Tuesday (technically its already Wednesday, but its still dark). I have found another amazing, roof beer garden – a little pricey on the beer but darn, its a very nice watering hole. Catching up with a good friend of mine at this roof top could not be any more sweeter than receiving a pair of Lego salt & pepper shakers (below).

They’re awesome and would definitely be one the best presents by far.

While we were up there drinking, eating and soaking in the sun, there were helicopters circling every 5 minutes making conversation rather loud. Then in photo studio today, our lecturer went through a brief run-down on portraiture. With almost every exhibition she mentioned I pretty much attended, making me the very, odd one out. But I feel cultured none the less.

So I’m going to try live blogging tomorrow with this process called design. Here’s what the past two hours looked like.



That’s my own tool bag and my drawings are tiny, but then again Jorn Utzon (the Opera house architect) drew tiny as well – bless him.

I think its time for a nap.

Did I mention I took my film camera to the island too? Well I did and woah, did it yield some amazing photos which I’ll post every now and again but here’s my photo of the day.

This was the first time I used a Kodak B&W film and you really get what you pay for.

It’s also quite windy and cold on the island, so here’s an mp3 that’s completely the opposite (it’s also one of my favourite tracks at the moment).

[MP3] Sly Hats – Windy Harmony

Another thing. Despite a long, strenous day of running errands, waiting for film to be developed, drinking tea and exploring the island – today was another day I was on my feet for longer than expected and I still managed to let an old lady have my seat, while I stood on the hour ride home on public transport. Can I ask, whatever happened to old-fashioned gallantry?

I’m amazed at the fact that I’m actually making time to blog. Obviously I have my priorities straight.

I was waiting the whole day for this … when the sun was just right. The setting sun, particularly an autumn-winter sun, emits a warm hue that makes it rather hard not to take advantage of.

There was something absent in my life yesterday. Yesterday was essentially my first day back at uni and my first day as an urban islander and boy, was it an extremely long day. A day which went something like this:

0550 Wake up; have a shower; and eat breakfast.
0730 Travel to Sydney Uni.
0845 Wander around.
1000 Urban Island introduction and briefing on an assignment.
1055 Talk from Harbour Trust dude.
1200 Studio time for our assignment.
1330 Shop Induction (woodwork, metalwork, etc.)
1700 International tutors talk.
1800 Drinks.
1830 Symposium.
2100 Depart Sydney Uni
2130 Have Lunch.
2200 Start assignment due today.
2350 Procrastinate.
0030 Get back to assignment.
0200 Eat dinner.
0400 Finish assignment and finally checks email.
0410 SLEEP.
0550 Wake up.

It was only day one and I was already exhausted but I figured out what was missing and it was music. During the course of that day, I forgot about music and thus, probably made me a little uneasy and anxious too. That was quickly fixed today with a dose of The Radio Dept., Acid House Kings and Electrelane. Things were looking brighter today with a site visit to Cockatoo Island which was a lot less stressful than yesterday and here are some photos from today.

If this space looks familiar, this was where the main stage was during the Cockatoo Island Festival two years ago.

Guess what the metal things are and their purpose and you might just win something.

And a public service announcement I found on one of the walls on the island.

It’s nice to see a well-designed, Australian poster still standing. Mind you, had I saw it earlier today it might’ve stopped me getting a splinter during a movement exercise. We went through some body movement exercises today too and let’s just say there’s more to touching than one thinks.

Life couldn’t be any better at the moment. I just got my first 4-digit pay check; Urban Islands, now, looks very promising since I have an awesome tutor; Blonde Redhead is one week away and; there’s someone quite remarkable in my life – it’s a very, very beautiful thing.

So I have a semi-big design submission due tomorrow today … a conceptual building design. This explains the lack of posts this past week and the all-nighters the past few nights. I’m not sure how other designers in other fields work but we, (future) architects, always end up working till the very, last minute. Hard workers? Procrastinators? Yes to both! I don’t think I should’ve even written this post.

I should be used to this by now – the long, caffeine-fueled nights that lead to mornings, leaving ALL of us a little less for wear. Getting into studio that morning with another caffeine-based beverage in hand and seeing other architecture kids sleeping on tables (or the floor), leaving a trail of destruction behind and feeling a little relief that its all finished. I’m surprised they actually haven’t accidentally glued their head/hands to the table yet or, cut off a finger. Chances are I’ll yack on tomorrow during my presentation with some hope that it’s all making sense to the rest of them. The difficult part … listening to everyone’s presentation without falling asleep. I really do want to hear what your design and concepts but dammit, I’m gonna pass out. As much as I would like to say the bags under my eyes are from going to gigs every night, they’re not.

Anyway, while I was designing my pages I discovered the American Apparel® type (font, if you are that way inclined). I have to admit I love graphic design with just typography, particularly sans-serif ones. As simple as type may look, its more difficult than you think. Although, the good ol’ Times New Roman is also great … for writing books. Whoever has the time to do that?!

Joanna Newsom @ the Spiegeltent

In music news, this lovely lady will be opening for Bjork in Denver and California for two shows only. Hold on. What?! JOANNA and BJORK together! Picturing it now … oh what a sight it would be. Dammit, I knew I should’ve taken this year off uni to travel and work. Now I’m missing out.

Also I have a suss feeling that Au Revoir Simone will be in town during July/August. Hopefully it’ll come true.

Flock Lights

Photo: Julia Lohmann

I had this quirky idea of using cow stomach in my design model recently. Why? Well, its this whole notion of a non-disposable environment – leaving nothing to waste, being sustainable and using what already exists. I have read recently that animal wastes (including internal organs and such) were being used as a means of electricity. I also found out (while I was researching cow stomachs) that there are also some young and kooky designers employing stomachs into their own work and god bless their sustainable-designer souls for doing so and sharing similar visions.

My design with stomach

Its really gross to work with but it has this great pattern on it. Also, I’m wondering why those people is the first photo aren’t looking up. What could possibly be more intriguing on a wall than stomach on the ceiling?!